ELITEWELL System  Solutions Lighten the Road

Save  Space

Boost Performance

Sense It . . . Connect It . . .

Make It Happen

Work with Elitewell to solve tough connectivity and packaging issues. Talk to us early to leverage the full power of our expertise. Early on, we can take your preliminary requirements and recommend the best way to satisfy them technically and economically.

We become an extension of  your engineering team—lending our expertise and allowing you to concentrate your resources in  areas of your expertise.

We can help you achieve:

Size and Weight Reduction

• Lightweight materials, including composites

• Miniaturization

• Higher integration

Complexity Reduction

•Integrated subassemblies

Signal Integrity

• Increased bandwidth

• EMI protection


• Lightning protection

• Clean, reliable power

• Mechanical and environmental robustness

Distributed Avionics

We are working with industry leaders to improve distributed avionics with concepts like the MiniMRP—with 40% smaller packages, lightweight composite enclosures, and high-speed connectivity

Grounding System for Composite Airframes We help solve the challenges of grounding composite aircraft bodies with system-level approaches to reliable bonding and grounding

Power Distribution

Already used on major commercial aerospace platforms, our custom  PDUs consolidate multiple contactors, circuit breakers, sensing and protective devices, and related components into modular packages

In-Flight Entertainment

End-to-end connectivity solutions—from enclosures and connectors to cable and harnessing—enable space and weight savings with easy-to-install high performance

Sensor Assemblies

As a leader in sensor technologies, we are able to provide integrated solutions that combine the needs of high accuracy and reliability with low weight and compact, convenient packaging from sensor to I/O connector

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