Making Topsides Safer

and More Productive

Count on Elitewell connectors to make topside operations safer. Elitewell connectors specifically designed for such applications as FPSO are available for power, optics, and signals. Explosion-proof connectors maintain circuits in severe environments, while allowing dry, splash, or wet mating.

Lightweight, Space-Saving Cables.

Explosion-Proof Connectors

We are an industry leader in the application of thin-wall insulation and jacketing to cables. Gain significant savings in space and weight without sacrificing mechanical reliability and strength or thermal stability. Plus, smaller cables have tighter bend radii for more flexible routing and efficient use of cable trays. We help increase safety of personnel and protection of equipment with low-fire-hazard, low-smoke, zero-halogen cables that minimize toxic and corrosive gases. We also help enable safety through our broad range of exlosion-proof connectors for offshore use.


Atex-certified explosion-proof connectors are wet mateable to depths of 50 m,EX-MATE connectors come in four shell sizes to accommodate 2 to 37 contacts. Interchangeable inserts provide flexibility in achieving a variety of pin configurations. They are rated for 600 VDC/440 VAC


For diver communications, underwater TV, lights, ROVs, and ship-to-shore communication, SEA-MATE wet-mate connectors are an expansive line withstanding up to 7500 psi in both mated and unmated conditions. Options  include oil-filled pressure balancing, ROV mateability, and a high-power 50 A version


Featuring global certifications including CSA, ATEX, IECEx, SIL2, ABS and DNV, TE  pressure transducers can be used in various on and offshore applications. Special alloys and a unique one-piece sensing element combine to offer a high-performance, highly repeatable pressure transducer for hazardous areas up to 20,000 psi

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