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Elitewell Automation & Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company with high-speed development. We are located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai, which is well known as "Silicon Valley of China".  We have been committed to process control system, electrical protection, cable and cable protection system in the field of industrial automation...

Based on the support of technical experts at home and abroad, we are determined to constantly challenge ourselves. Through the integration of supply chain, with our own professional technical service experience and modern information technology, we strive to become experts in technology development and consulting, domestic and foreign trade, product supply and project management.

Since our establishment, Elitewell Automation &Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been committed to serving China's rail transit, aerospace, nuclear power, wind power and other high-end industries. Through years of efforts, we have accumulated rich and diverse market resources and established a long-term and stable partnership with famous international industry giants and core central enterprises to provide customers with all-round products and services, running from consultation, design, construction, installation and commissioning, operation to other links. At the same time, We have a branch in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, focusing on foreign currency non tax trading business such as import and export trade of products.

Elitewell Automation & Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has a group of young, passionate, diligent and professionally trained technical engineers. They have a solid professional foundation and a profound industry background. They are familiar with the in-depth application of products, on-site technical services and product selection, and know the skills of cooperation and communication with customers. After fully referring to the opinions of customers, they can introduce foreign advanced technology to customers according to the strict technical requirements of the site. Our co-operation with customers creates excellent conditions for continuous development. The teamwork enables us to tailor new solutions and stimulates us to keep on exploring new markets.

The company environment
Company ethics

Company vision:

To be the leader in the field of industrial automation

We offer our employees a creative, stimulating work environment in which each individual is responsible for his or her own job tasks and encouraged to take initiatives. This entrepreneurial work environment let employees take control of their personal skills and career development.

Empowered employees:

Excellence and quality:

We ensure that our systems-wherever they are installed around the globe-can be maintained according to rigorous procedures by trained, qualified technicians.

At Elitewell,we place the utmost importance on personal integrity, responsibility, and respect for individuals. We believe that our long-term success as a company depends on each individual’s contributions.

Business philosophy

Service concept:

Our customers, first!

We factor sustainability into all of our projects, systematically seeking out solutions to limit our environmental impacts.

Sustainable development:

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Application of The Law

Elitewell Automation & Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Official Website: http://www.elitewell.com.cn

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Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for your attention and support. If you are willing to be high quality products suppliers of Elitewell, we are very welcome and deeply honored.

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